National Initiatives of NNSW

In January 2017, Sex workers from NNSW and women’s rights activists oppose the conference, “Last Girl’s First” organised by Coalition Against Prostitution and Apne Aap International in Delhi. Over 2000 sex workers signed onto a statement opposing the continued conflation of trafficking and sex work and the complete absence of sex consenting workers from such conference spaces. Women’s groups across the country also developed an independent statement that was submitted to the conference participants.


Submission made by NNSW to the CEDAW Committee

Submission made by NNSW to the CEDAW Committee for developing a new GR on trafficking of women and girls in the context of global migration, February 2019

Download resource:  response-concept-note-on-gr-trafficking-migration.pdf Letter by NNSW members to the Hon'ble President of India

Letter written by NNSW members to the Hon'ble President of India urging him not to sign the Transgender Bill. 28 November 2019

Download resource:  Letter-President-India-TG-Bill-2019.pdf HEALTH STATUS OF SEX WORKERS IN INDIA, 2019

Sex workers health cannot be reduced to only sexually transmitted diseases. Women and Transwomen in sex work have bodies that need healthcare and treatment services that go beyond their sexual behaviour patterns which deem them vectors of spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Download resource:  Health-Status-of-sex-workers-India-CEDAW-Submission-15-Feb-2019.pdf VIOLENCE FACED BY SEX WORKERS IN INDIA 2019

UN Bodies such as the CEDAW Committee and the Special Rapporteur on violence against women (SR VAW) have consistently expanded the rights of women in sex work over the years, recognising their right to be free of violence, exploitation and criminal legislation.

Download resource:  Violence-faced-by-sex workers-India-CEDAW-Submission-28-Mar-2019.pdf Dance of Democracy

Election Of national Network Of Sex Workers (NNSW) Annual General Body Meeting and National Conference 2019

Download resource:  NNSW-report-elections-final.pdf


Inter Movement Conversations On The Trafficking Bill 2018

Members of the National Network of Sex Workers undertook a 4 month long advocacy process to draw attention to the concerns of sex workers and other stakeholders on the Trafficking Bill 2018. Seven Consultations were held with over 200 stakeholders in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Ranchi and Lucknow.

Read More:  Trafficking Bill 2018 Letter to Andhra Pradesh High Level Committee

Letter to Andhra Pradesh High Level Committee. Criminalisation of demand/ Purchase of sexual services. June 2018

Download resource:  AP-High-Level-Committee-June-2018.pdf


National Network of Sex Workers Statement Challenging the ‘Last Girl First’: Second World Congress against the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls

Prostitution has symbolized oppression, victimization and the exploitation of women for abolitionists who view prostitution as the objectification of women’s bodies; violence against all women; as a symbol of unequal power relations between the sexes and as the commercialization of the ‘intimate space’ of sex. Abolitionists also believe that no ‘real’ good [sic] woman would agree to do sex work.

Download resource:  NNSW-Statement-with-endorsements.pdf Beyond the Violence of Stigma and Victimhood

Open Letter to the delegates of ‘Last Girl First’: Second World Congress against the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls (January 29-31, 2017, New Delhi, India) organised by the Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution International (CAP Intl)

Download resource:  FeministStatement_CAPNewDelhiConf-FINAL.pdf


Nothing about Sex work without Sex workers: Ethical Standards for an Inclusive Consultation with Sex Workers

The National Network of Sex Workers [NNSW] India believes that collective wisdom gives depth to and empowers policy, and that people in sex work have the right to be involved in formulating policies affecting their lives. People in sex work have valuable contributions to make and they have the right to a participative space that is non-judgmental and safe.

Download resource:  Ethical-Standards-for-an-Inclusive-Consultation-with-Sex-Workers.pdf Violations faced by Sex Workers in India

Submission compiled by Sampada Grameen Mahila Sanstha, SANGRAM Maharashtra, National Network of Sex Workers (NNSW) India in partnership with a coalition of 18 organisations.

Download resource:  UPR-Submission-Sex-Work-Final-Submission-22-Sep-2016.pdf Deem Sex Work as Decent Work: Towards an Inclusive UN Women Policy on sex work.

Nothing About Sex Work without Sex Workers: Towards an Inclusive UN Women Policy on Sex Work was held on 14-15 October 2016, at Bangalore, India. This two day consultation was organised by Sex Workers & Allies South Asia (SWASA) in partnership with Global Network of Sex Workers Project (NSWP); Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers(APNSW);

Download resource:  UN-Women-Policy-on-Sex-Work-FINAL-SUBMISSION-31-October2016.pdf Trafficking Of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2016

The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India has proposed the Draft Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2016...

Download resource:  UN-Women-Policy-on-Sex-Work-FINAL-SUBMISSION-31-October2016.pdf Letter to NALSA 3 Feb 2016

We the members of the National Network of Sex Workers (India), would like to request a meeting with you and members of the National Legal Services Authority.

Download resource:  Letter-to-NALSA-3-Feb-2016.pdf


NNSW and Women’s Organisation's delegation met DCW Chair Swati Maliwal, New Delhi

A delegation of National Network of Sex Workers and women's groups representatives submitted a memorandum to Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), Ms. Swati Maliwal.


Conditions conducive for sex workers to live with dignity in accordance with the provisions of Article 21 of the Constitution of India. SUBMISSION TO THE SUPREME COURT PANEL, BY NATIONAL NETWORK OF SEX WORKERS, INDIA


December 17 is observed world over as the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. It was created to call attention to the discrimination, violence and crimes committed against sex workers globally. It has become an occasion for sex workers, rights advocates to come together, organise and remember all those individuals who have faced acts of violence.

Download resource:  NNSW-Observing-International-Day-to-end-Violence-against-Sex-Workers.pdf


Submission to the CEDAW committee for the consideration at the 58th CEDAW Session.

National Network of Sex Workers, India (NNSW) participated and provided case studies to be submitted to the CEDAW Committee. Members include Ananya, VAMP Collectives, Me and My world, Karnataka Sex Workers Union, Muskan, Vadamlar Federation, Aneka, SIAAP, Samraksha, Sangama, Sangram, WINS and UKMO.

Download resource:  CEDAW-Status-of-Women-in-Sex-Work-2016.pdf


Section 370, Indian Penal Code Amendments and advocacy to prevent conflation of trafficking and sex work, 2013

The Government of India set up the Justice Verma Commission in the aftermath of the rape of a young woman in Delhi in December 2012. The committee was mandated to “look into possible amendments of the Criminal Law to provide for quicker trial and enhanced punishment for criminals committing sexual assault.”

Download resource:  Amending-section-370-IPC-verma-commission-clarifies-intention-behind-legislation.pdf Ordinance criminalizes sex workers: Sex Workers Appeal to President to reject Ordinance

We, Organisations working with sex workers across the country appeal to the President Of India to reject the Ordinance on the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2012, cleared by the Union Cabinet in an act of haste.

Download resource:  ordinance_criminalizes_sex_workers.pdf Statement national network of sex workers India

Anti-sex work groups have recently criticised the United Nations’ call for decriminalisation of sex work. This criticism is a continuation of a long history of mixing messages on sex work and trafficking that serves to undermine the human rights of people in sex work.

Download resource:  Statement-national-network-of-sex-workers-India.pdf VIOLENCE AGAINST PEOPLE IN SEX WORK IN INDIA

International and National commitments call on States to exercise “due diligence in preventing, investigating and punishing acts of violence against women” and providing women “access to mechanisms of justice” and due redress in accordance with national legislations.

Download resource:  violence_against_people_in_sex_work_in_india.pdf


Letter to NALSA chairperson

Hon’ble Justice Kabir, We would like to draw to your attention to continued rights violations and violence faced by women in sex work across India.

Download resource:  Final-NALSA-letter-to-chairperson.pdf
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