NNSW Board Members 2019-21

Executive Members

Kiran Deshmukh - President

Veshya Anyay Mukti Parishad (VAMP), Maharsthra

President, Veshya Anyay Mukti Parishad (VAMP), NNSW I am Kiran Deshmukh. I am a sex worker living with HIV for 22 years now. I am also the newly elected President of the National Network of Sex workers (NNSW). I have worked as the first coordinator of NNSW in Delhi.
I am also a member of Veshya Anyay Mukti Parishad (VAMP), a collective of sex-worker. I am dedicated to working for women in sex work so that they are empowered to articulate and assert their full range of rights as well as protect themselves from HIV infection. I fight for the rights of sex workers and for the people living with HIV.

Nisha Gulur - Vice President

Karnataka Sex Workers Union (KSWU), Karnataka

Nisha Gulur - Vice President, Karnataka Sex Workers Union (KSWU),Karnataka, NNSW I am a Human rights activist, Executive committee member of Karnataka Sex workers Union and work for Sangama a human rights organisation. I am a self-identified transwoman working as a mentor of the female sex workers initiative (Sarvojana) for the past five years. I am currently working as the advocacy officer in Sangama; advocating for the rights of transgender and female sex workers. I am also a member of The India Country Coordinating Mechanism (India-CCM).

P Devi - Secretary

Laxmibhanushri Service and development society, Andhra Pradesh

P Devi - Secretary, Board Member, NNSW My name is Potluri Devi. I am working in 11 CBO’s in Andhra Pradesh and 7 in Telangana. I have held the post of President in Andhra Pradesh and I have worked as a resource person in my CBO. I have been involved in crisis mechanism, community advocacy, conducted surveys and has worked for HIV prevention. I want to empower the sex workers to form collectives at the ground level and bring CBO’s together for the development of the sex workers community in India. I feel that the counsellor who counsels sex workers should be from the sexworkers community who would understand us better because we know our reality.

Shyamala John - Joint Secretary

Snehitha Kottayam, Kerala

Joint Secretary, NNSW I am Shyamala Johnn from Snehitha Kottayam. I am working for the last 17 years for the welfare of sex workers and their children. With my initiative, Snehitha has made remarkable achievements in the life of a sex worker to live her life in a decent manner. I advocate for the protection of human rights of sex workers and the rights of sex worker. I am a member of the crisis response team for Snehitha.

Sudhir Patil - Treasurer

Muskan Sanstha, Maharashtra

Treasurer, NNSW My name is Sudhir and I am a sex worker. I live in Sangli, Maharashtra and have been working since 2000. Muskan Sanstha works with MSM and TG. Muskan Sanstha works for strengthening self- confidence, protecting the human rights of TG and MSM. We also work on HIV/AIDS prevention and care.
In the beginning, when I used to walk on the road people used to make fun of me, look at me and laugh amongst themselves. I used to feel miserable – I became lonely, I couldn’t work. After coming to SANGRAM I started learning many things through numerous training that I attended. I slowly regained my self-confidence.
Muskan runs a Maharashtra Targeted Intervention program in Sangli, Kolhapur and Satara districts.
I am the program manager and we are giving health services and dealing with discrimination
when services are offered by the state. With the help of SANGRAM, we are advocating with the police, the government departments, DLSA – Sangli, Kolhapur and Satara.

Other Board Members

Seema Gajanan Sharma

Ganika Mahila Shakti Sangathan, Maharashtra

Ganika Mahila Shakti Sangatha, Board Member NNSW I am a sex worker and the daughter of a sex worker. I have chosen this profession on my own. I am the secretary of Ganika Mahila Shakti Sangathan which is a collective of Sex workers of Ganga Yamuna Red Light area. I want to raise my voice against any kind of violence such as police raids on sex works. Since 2010 I am associated with Indian Red cross, Nagpur Branch as a peer in the TI Project(FSW).


Board Member, NNSW, Maharashtra My name is Gokila. I was born on February 2, 1971. I am a certified mental health counsellor. I entered sex work at the age of 20. In 2005, I began advocating for the rights of sex workers through the Deepam Pengal Sangam in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. As an active member of the advocacy team in the CBO, I have handled crises faced by sex workers with the help of a volunteer lawyer. After moving to my hometown Madurai, I became a member of the Suryagandhi CBO. I served as the Secretary of Vadamalar Federation in Tamil Nadu for 12 years. I have represented sex workers at the Supreme Court panel on recommendations to amend the Anti-Trafficking Bill 2018. I have been currently elected as the President of Vadamalar Federation.

Reena Firoz Khan

Aadhar Sanstha,Maharashtra

Board Member, NNSW, Maharashtra I am Reena Firoz Khan from Maharashtra. I am a sex worker. Since 2013, I am working with Aadhar Sanstha for my sisters who are in sex work. NNSW gave me opportunities to learn and realize that sex work is work. I am very happy being a member of NNSW.

Lalitha Satheesan

Board Member, NNSW, Maharashtra I am Lalitha Satheesan, member of Sangamithra Thrissur for the last 20 years. I work for the rights of sex workers and people living with HIV. Now I am looking for the rehabilitation of old aged sex workers who have no homes and relatives. I am the elected executive member of NNSW and KNSW.

Lalita Kumari

I am Lalita Kumari from Jharkhand. I am a member of NNSW for the past three years. I want to see NNSW working across the nation for the rights of the sex workers. I work with the JWALA Shakti Samuh and I’m a peer educator in the TI project.

SUPPORTERS- Non Voting Representatives on Board

  1. Tejaswi Sevakari - SAHELI
  2. Aarthi Pai – SANGRAM
  3. Rajesh Srinivas – SANGAMA (Secretariat)